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        Hello. Many of you may know me as Adam Selene on the various rocketry forums, but my real name is Chuck. I have made my living at Renaissance Festivals for many years now. Sometime a little past the turn of the century I was returning to a faire site and saw a couple of friends of mine playing with model rockets in the parking lot. Remembering how much fun I had had with rockets as a kid, I stopped and talked with them, which led to me going out and purchasing a couple of Estes model rocket kits and building and launching with them the next week. That's how I became a BAR (Born Again Rocketeer: one who built and flew rockets in childhood, then stopped for awhile and then rediscovered the hobby.).

        In 2003 I attended NARAM 45, the first time I was ever at an organized rocket launch, where I witnessed my first high power (H motors and above) rocket launch. Also while there I built and flew my first mid power rocket, an Aerotech Initiator. I grinned all week! I also bought a T-Shirt.

        A year later, in 2004, I attended LDRS 23 near Buffalo, NY. I had intended to buy more T-Shirts, but discovered that there just were not very many cool shirts available. Being unable to find any rocketry t-shirts to buy, I decided to design a couple of my own. This led me to open in May of 2005.

        In order to provide timely order delivery and excellent customer service even while I am traveling between renaissance festivals, I have partnered with cafepress. This allows us to offer a wide range of apparel choices in styles, colors and sizes. They print orders on demand, allowing us to avoid the high costs of maintaining an inventory of every style, color and size. Cafepress prints using high quality direct to garment (DTG) printers, which are like giant inkjet printers, using specially formulated inks for fabrics. They also handle all financial transactions over their secure servers. CafePress offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all products.


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